= Sixth Form Problems
You're not alone. Despite all the posts we can relate to, always remember grades does not determine our self-worth.



Yes I know that many many people don’t have access to an education.
I know I’m extremely lucky to live in a country where education is available to everyone.
I know I’m lucky to go to a good school and have the ability to go to uni.
We all know this.

However none of those things mean you can just call us ungrateful when We complain about obvious flaws in the education system.
And none of those things excuse putting people under so much stress and pressure that their mental health is jeopardised because I don’t care how good your education is that stuff can mess you up for life.


I think the worst feeling for a college student is when you used to be the best in high school and everyone expected the best out of you, then ending up being average or below average once in college.


If you don’t have the urge to cry at least twice a day are you even doing A Levels?


The number of times I’ve considered changing subjects is unbelievable

❝i know but idk❞
— me when i know but idk (via bageutte)


Don’t you ever wish you were smarter, or that you were at least good at something?

I’m not talking about here’s-a-sticker-for-80%-on-a-maths-test good, I’m talking exceptional-brilliance-here’s-a-trophy kind of good.

Being ordinary sucks.

Anonymous:Something has been on my mind for a couple of days now. Okay so for A levels i am planning on taking Government and politics, History and sociology. I am very capable of getting high grades in these 3 subjects and i do take part in many extra curriculum activities. I would if it is likely if i could get into a Russel university.

I’m realy really sorry I really have no legit piece of advice to help you except that you should go on with what you feel best suits you and better check the university requirements for them. Good luck! 

Followers could leave some advice for the anon pleeeaasseee